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The Super Seal Kids Project Page

Kids4seals welcomes our new Volunteer Coordinator!
  Angela Doherty is the Kids4seals official volunteer coordinator who will focus on finding project managers and volunteers for various projects. Angela has experience working with children and animals as she is a vet tech who used to teach science to children grades k-8. She has already come up with some really great ideas for projects. If you are interested in managing or starting a project in your area contact us. Angela can be reached by email at the following -

"Make Change 4 Seals"  It  would involve a volunteer (teacher, group leader etc.) working with a group of kids to make coffee can style donation cans.  The students will decorate the cans with photos, drawings, etc.  The only requirements would be putting the name or somewhere on the can itself.

We have coffee-can label templates here on the Kids4Seals web site. Then the kids can place the cans at their schools, pass them around scouting meetings, leave them at libraries or stores, ask parents to take them to work etc. The cans collect some change, and then the volunteer that is working with the kids to make the cans can collect the change for . Click here for template ready for your decorations and art work in .pdf

brush and palette

Every group will get a thank you letter & certificate along with stickers and some seal rocks. Those groups that raise $500 or more will also get an Ad for Seals in a local newspaper, magazine, on a local radio station, or even on TV!