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  Who are we? Find out about us and the seals, too! Check out the baby seal pictures!

Click on the thumbnail drawing to see the complete picture and visit our Gallery of Projects page to see more great projects!

seal drawing

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 How can you help the seals . Get your school involved! The school and projects pages are full of ideas!

Learn more about helping the seals by reading the story of a student who started a petition and got over 1500 signatures! Click here for story!

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  Looking for something fun to do? Go to the Sealy Fun page and take the cuteness survery.

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 Learn about the seals, the hunt and why we need to protect them.

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Announcing a new contest for older kids:

This contest is for the best paper on the ecosystem management aspects of the seal slaughter.

Details and rules coming soon!


Our handpainted "Seal Rocks" are the coolest things...
Seal Rocks


WELCOME TO Kids 4 Seals

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to join or become a member?

A: NO, if you are under the age of 21, and are doing ANYTHING positive for the seals, then you are a "KID 4 SEAL!"

You can do a little, or a lot for the seals, its up to you. We're here to help you be as effective as you can.

2) How can I learn more facts about the seal hunt so I know what I'm talking about?

A: An informed person is an effective person. This holds true no matter what your age. We suggest the most important thing you can do to help the seals is to learn all you can about the facts surrounding the seal hunt so you can pass the word on intelligently and correctly!

You might start by clicking here and here for some good answers. Then, continue to check out the pages of

3) What's the best way to network with other Kids 4 Seals?

A: Thats up to you, of course... One of the most popular ways is by using My Space. If you don't already have a page, it's easy to start one up.

You can also keep an eye on this website and use the contact information on our links and participating schools pages.

There are several schools involved so far and students from all over of the world are anxious (and welcome) to join us, INCLUDING THE STUDENTS in Newfoundland and Quebec, where the seals are killed every year. See the list of Schools involved so far

Fashion is killing the SealsLearn this if nothing else:


There's a direct connection between the vanity based "fashion" industry and the annual killing of the seals. Check out our introduction page and spread the word.