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  Who are we? Find out about us and the seals, too! Check out the baby seal pictures!

Click on the thumbnail drawing to see the complete picture and visit our Gallery of Projects page to see more great projects!

seal drawing

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 How can you help the seals . Get your school involved! The school and projects pages are full of ideas!

Learn more about helping the seals by reading the story of a student who started a petition and got over 1500 signatures! Click here for story!

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  Looking for something fun to do? Go to the Sealy Fun page and take the cuteness survery.

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 Learn about the seals, the hunt and why we need to protect them.

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Announcing a new contest for older kids:

This contest is for the best paper on the ecosystem management aspects of the seal slaughter.

Details and rules coming soon!


Our handpainted "Seal Rocks" are the coolest things...
Seal Rocks


Schools and Kids 4 Seals

Get Your School Involved with Kids 4 Seals!

Kids 4 Seals is an international network of schools, students and young persons interested in OPPOSING the ANNUAL CANADIAN HARP and HOODED SEAL SLAUGHTERS that take place off the Atlantic coast of Canada each year.

Teacher's Page click here.

Participating Schools

So far, there are just a few schools involved, but we are only getting started.

Many more schools will be joining us now that we've created this network.

Swans Creek Elementary School

Where: Virginia

Supervising adult: Shawn Muir, Gifted Resource Teacher

Kids for Seals project/ actions: Various art projects, etc. Details coming soon.

C.A. Farly School

Where: 119 Cottage Street, Hudson, MA 01749

Supervising adult: Mrs. Cassia Freitas

Kids for Seals project/ actions: Various art projects, etc. Details coming soon.

If you'd like to get your school involved in a Kids 4 Seals project, (whether you're a student or a teacher), please contact us and lets talk about it.

  • A comic book about the seals and the hunt. Copies can be sold at a fair or given away for a minimum donation to the seals.
  • A  t-shirt designed by the class (with Save the Seals - boycott Canadian seafood -
  • Seal pictures drawn or painted by the class (and sold or auctioned for a fundraiser.)
  • Any other projects that you can think of  to tell people about the seals, boycott and how to stop the hunt.
  • Any media coverage for these events and projects - in school newspapers, local newspapers/radio/TV

Dont Eat at Red Lobster!Other Kid Activists

There are other groups outside of organized school curriculums that help the seals and lots of other animals too! Kids 4 Seals recommends contacting them and networking with them too!

National Geographic Kids

Peta Kids

Kids and Students we HOPE TO GET INVOLVED

These are the schools and groups we find that haven't yet decided to actually participate in any specific program or activities for the seals yet.

We'd like to encourage these groups to join us and become real Kids 4 Seal groups as soon as we can. Their website is provided in order for you to contact them and talk about the seals.

K-12 internet Onramp
A K-12 school in Newfoundland!

A comprehensive SEAL LINKS section can be found on