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The SealRock Story


The ( SEAL ROCKS are a legend in the making. Handpainted by a super volunteer and distributed by the hundreds (so far) by outreach groups all over the nation, these seal rocks are a symbolic gesture to the seals and a reminder to their owners that the seal hunt still is happening every year and that they are part of the effort to stop it.

Each one is different and unique, with a painted baby Harp seal face on the front and some variation of a "Save the Seals" or "Boycott Canadian Seafood" slogan on the back, along with 3 websites to learn about the seal massacres and stay in tune with the movement and progress to stop them. All of the sealrocks are signed by the artist Kim Zoerb and can be ordered by clicking here:

Seal Rock Front
Frontside: unique face of a baby Harp seal
Seal Rock Back
Backside: "Save the seals" slogans and websites

Kids (and many adults) absolutely cherish these rocks. uses them to raise money for the seals by charging $5 dollars each for them at our outreach events and also to give away to special people who deserve them.

In the near future, this site will show you how to obtain one or how to MAKE SEAL ROCKS AND DISTRIBUTE THEM in your communities to raise awareness of the seal