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  Who are we? Find out about us and the seals, too! Check out the baby seal pictures!

Click on the thumbnail drawing to see the complete picture and visit our Gallery of Projects page to see more great projects!

seal drawing

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 How can you help the seals . Get your school involved! The school and projects pages are full of ideas!

Learn more about helping the seals by reading the story of a student who started a petition and got over 1500 signatures! Click here for story!

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  Looking for something fun to do? Go to the Sealy Fun page and take the cuteness survey.

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Announcing a new contest for older kids:

This contest is for the best paper on the ecosystem management aspects of the seal slaughter.

Details and rules coming soon!

Seals on My Space

Of course! Check out the Harp Seals My Space and help them spread the word!

(because seals aren't as good as kids with computers)


Our handpainted "Seal Rocks" are the coolest things...
Seal Rocks

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WELCOME TO Kids 4 Seals

What are Harp Seals?

Harp seals are beautiful and friendly marine mammals. In the spring, adult harp seals swim in the North Atlantic Ocean to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. At the end of February, mother harp seals give birth to pups. Mothers usually have one pup per year.The pups are so white and fluffy that they almost look like stuffed animals.

Why would anyone hurt or kill a baby harp seal?

The harp seals have beautiful fur that keeps them warm. Some people think it is okay to kill animals and take their fur. We don't need to kill animals and take their fur to keep warm.The baby seals cannot swim yet or get away when they are being clubbed with a hakapik.This is very cruel and inhumane. The Canadian fishermen are doing the seal clubbing and killing during their off-season from fishing. The Canadian government lets this inhumane killing go on. That is why we are boycotting Canadian Seafood un till they stop this senseless killing. Help us to get the word out.