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The Teachers Role

Teacher and supervising adults play a key role in the success of Kids 4 Seals. Harnessing and directing the incredible energy and creative ideas of the kids is essential for creating effecting roles for the seals the kids can play.

This section is focused on refining that idea and designed to give you the tools and resources necessary to help the kids and seals the most.

Check out the gallery of school projects page! Get your class involved in making a difference - check out our information on targeting a letter writng campaign.

Announcing our new projects idea page:

This page is full of ideas from our new project manager Angela. This page contains k-8, high school and college level projects. Also, we are anouncing a new contest for the best paper on the ecosystem management aspects of the seal slaughter.

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Resources & Tools

Kids4Seals has Seal Lesson Kits for Teachers. These kits include PowerPoint presentations with notes (one for elementary students and one for older students), questions (with answers) for use on tests and homework assignments, a list of topics for term papers and reports, and a short video (from HSUS).

The presentations are not full of blood and gore; instead they are factual and informative and discuss many aspects of the hunt. Students also learn about seals, including their life stages and migration patterns.

We have sent these kits to teachers across the nation and have also given presentations using these kits to classes all over California. Kids of all ages respond positively to these presentations. They learn and they want to get involved in being a positive source of change for the seals and their ecosystem.

Get your Seal Lesson Kit today! Send your request to .

The Powerpoint CD's are suitable and designed for 2 different age groups of students:

1) Elementary through 8th grade

2) High School and College

Request a Powerpoint CD today for your kids